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  • 2/October/2020 - مطعم رائع خدمه ممتازه نظافه غير متوقعه اكلات متميزه وشهيه الجلسه والمكان كله احساس

  • 21/September/2020 - الرجا التكرم من صاحب المعمل السيد ياسين الست المحترم الاتصال معي او ارسال رقم هاتفه مع الشكر محمد 00971509399603

  • 16/September/2020 - It is one of the most beautiful and elegant restaurants in Damascus the wonderful Penthouse restaurant which I recommend everyone to visit

  • 15/September/2020 - It is a wonderful and beautiful mall I advise everyone to visit it and the most beautiful place where the terrace restaurant is a penthouse

  • 30/August/2020 - يعطيييييكم العافيةسامي من الجزار

  • 27/August/2020 - HelloI lived in Damascus from 2010 to 2012 I bought wonderful items in your shop at that timeI am trying to contact you per telefon but I cannot I wonder if the telefon number that I have is wrong 963 11 542 7878 or if the shop is no longer openThank you Laura

  • 13/July/2020 - ماشا الله

  • 13/June/2020 - مطعم يضاهي 5نجوم وخدمة وطعام جيد جدا والفاتورة سعرها مقنع

  • 12/June/2020 - يسعد صباحك

  • 31/May/2020 - The best hotel in the heart of Old Damascus Clean comfy and the staff is very well trained and kind I highly recommend it

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