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Cynthia Al-Wadi Tribute Concert

The evening was held in tribute of the 10th anniversary since the passing of musician Cynthia Everett Al-Wadi.

Cynthia Everett Al-Wadi is a British pianist and the wife of maestro Solhi Al-Wadi. She lived in Damascus from 1960 until her death in 2009. During this period, she performed many musical concerts and she participated in the establishment of Solhi Al-Wadi Musical Institute, The Higher Institute of Music and the Syrian National Orchestra. Many renowned Syrian pianists have graduated under her supervision.

The evening was performed by:
Rita Jaalouk and Qais Al-Safadi from Solhi Al-Wadi Institute
Bushra Kheir Beik and Agob Knouzi from The Higher Institute of Music
Hamsa Al-Wadi and Carlos Grace from the family of the late musician
Students of the late musician Suzan Haddad and Missak Bagboderian


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