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Ibrahim Rajab


Oriental Palace

Born in 2012, Rural Damascus

Married with 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls


Comes originally from the town of Babela on the outskirts of Damascus.
Started working “Ajami”, which is wooden wall and ceiling decorations used in wealthy old Damascene houses, completely by coincidence when his dad took him to show him this craft.
Studied until 8th grade at school.

Ethics & Aspiration

I hope to raise my children in a good way.
I also look forward to learn English which will make easier to communicate with tourists, and will also allow me to use a computer which will be very useful in my work.

Damascus Old City

Damascus old city has still kept many of original popular customs such as family visits and communal morning breakfast of neighbouring traders.
When I am inside the neighbourhood of my workplace, it feels like I am in a big Damascene house.


I love to strengthen by Arabic language skills in my spare time.

Favorite Joke or Proverb

Favourite Proverb:
“That who does not have history does not have a future”
" اللي مالو قديم مالو جديد"


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