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Damascene artisans are considered among the top manufacturers of Sheep fur.

The un-worked fur comes from the town of Mearat Al-Nouman in Idlib province and is worked and sold in Damascus.


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  • 20/May/2013 - I agree with your sentiments Salma but it is clearly sheep fur what they are referiring to in this handicraft.

  • 19/May/2013 - cruelty towards animal.. we dont need to be proud of that!! that needs to change if its true.. it is pure idiocy and stupidity to kill an animal just so we can use its fur when there are so many other alternatives out there.. u kill the whole animal flesh and bones, just for fur? utter madness. making clothing out of sheep leather and wool is fine, because people eat the sheeps anyway. (not like THIS is aesthetic either. ive been vegan for six years now and i have excellent health).