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Racqy Synagogue

Al-Amin, Damascus, Syria
The Basalt structure of this synagogue dates back to the second half of the 19th century.

As with the Menarsha synagogue next door, Racqy Synagogue has seized to hold services for the few remaining Damascene Jewish community who pray in the Ifranj synagogue instead.
Historical Periods: Ottomans


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  • 7/October/2018 - Yes they are still living in Damascus but very less

  • 25/August/2013 - There are definitely many Syrian jews who used to have their own quarter in the old city. Many of them though have immigrated to the us after pressures from the jewish lobbies there to do so.

  • 20/August/2013 - There are syria jews and my father is a syria jew.

  • 20/May/2013 - Wow.. I never knew that synagogues in Damascus.. So does that mean there are Syrian Jews?! Surely not! Would appreciate if someone could let me know. Thanks