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Antoun Muzanar


Beit Al-Mamlouka Hotel

Antoun Muzanar

Al-Mamlouka Café

Born in 1981, Damascus



Studied business administration in the UK and textile engineering in France.
Has been working in the production of Damascene Brocade for 12 years and in tourism for 4 years.
The name “Muzanar” refers to the belt which men used to wear with their traditional clothing. The family great grandfather Elias worked in textile 150 years ago and the family revived working in Damascene Brocade in the 1890s. In 2010 Antoun and his father converted their mechanical handloom into an electronic one.

Ethics & Aspiration

I would like to introduce Syria and its heritage to the world and give them the true picture of this magnificent country. I also look to improve the national economy and provide work opportunities in Syria.

Damascus Old City

I love Syria as a whole but inclined to Damascus and the old city specifically where my father was born. Damascus old city is such a genuine city where you can feel the greatness of its people and there is no other place in the world that can claim more than it does.


My hobbies include travelling, fast cars and sports.

Favorite Joke or Proverb

Favourite Proverb:
“When God loves his servant he will show him his greatness”
“إذا الله حب عبده ورجاه ملكو”


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  • 23/June/2015 - مرحبا انطون شغل البروكار تبعكم فعلا مميز الله يعطيكم العافية و بالتوفيق