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Elias Isaac


Computer Corner

Born in 1980, Damascus



Started working in computers 10 years ago, after completing high school.
Work in selling and maintaining computers.
Family comes originally from rural Homs but was born in Damascus old city.

Ethics & Aspiration

I look forward to expanding and advancing my work with computers and opening a big IT centre.

Damascus Old City

I love Damascus and especially the old city which I cannot live outside it.


My hobbies include swimming and playing drums and other instruments.

Favorite Joke or Proverb

“Damascus will remain our Damascus through the good and the bad”
"الشام شامنا ولو الزمن ضامنا"


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  • 23/September/2014 - يشرفني التواصل معك أخي ، وشام شامنا كلنا ولو الزمان ضامنا كلنا.تحية لك من أرض المليون ونصف المليون شهيد ، أخوك سعيد يعشق الشام حتى النخاعلست وحدك المحوس بالحاسوب ^__^