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Fawzi Georgy Eid


Al-Eid House

Born in 1951, Yabroud

Married with 5 children, 1 boy and 4 girls


Family originates from the famous village of Maalula where its inhabitants still speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ. Currently lives with his brother’s family in the same house in Bab Touma area of Damascus old city.
Inherited his career in bakery from his father and grandfather before him.
Studied until primary school in Yabroud and then joined the family business.

Ethics & Aspiration

I want live a peaceful life with my wife and children.
The love of people is the biggest treasure of all.

Damascus Old City

Damascus old city is a mini-Syria because it encompasses people from all the rural and urban area of Syria. They live together happily as one family among the rich heritage. There is nothing more beautiful than living in this city.


My hobbies include writing and reciting Arabic poems.

Favorite Joke or Proverb

“A career in bakery does not make you rich but it will sustain you”
" مهنة الخبز مابتغني بتستر"


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