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Francis Antoun Ashkar


Antoun Franciss Ashkar

Born in 1978, Damascus



Holds a bachelor degree in French literature and has been working in wooden mosaics and Damascene furniture for 18 years.
The family history with wooden mosaics started with his grandfather who owned a small workshop in the Hanania area of Damascus old city in 1916.
The work developed to include manufacturing and preservation of Damascene furniture made from mother of pearl, and the shop is run now together with his brother Sezar.

Ethics & Aspiration

I work towards preserving and publicising the Damascene heritage of wooden mosaic making and showing it on its best form.

Damascus Old City

I was born in the Hanania area of Damascus old city and still live in it. The old city means a lot to me since it represents our heritage and culture which is still well preserved.


I like travelling, watching movies, reading and sports.


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