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Mohammad Al-Jodob


Oriental Palace

Born in 1984, Damascus

Married with 2 daughters (Yamama and Maria)


Comes originally from the town of Babela on the outskirts of Damascus.
Studied until the 7th grade and then started working on wooden wall and ceiling decorations called “Ajami” which an old craft used to decorate wealthy old Damascene houses.
His work has expanded and he now exports his products outside Syria.

Ethics & Aspiration

I aspire to develop my current work and expose the intricacy of Damascene art through participations in international fairs.

Damascus Old City

Damascus old city is a spiritual city in which I feel safe and secure.


Apart from enjoying my work, I love listening to music and especially old Arabic music.

Favorite Joke or Proverb

Favourite Proverb:
“The neighbour should be regarded more than the home itself”
"الجار قبل الدار"


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