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Samer Antoun Kozah


Kozah Art Gallery

Samer Antoun Kozah

Born in 1957, Damascus



His family has been living continuously in Damascus old city for 200 years, and specialises in jewelry making and various other artistic careers.
Has been personally working in jewelry making and painting for 25 years, and has established with his wife a business in oriental jewelry making.
Have renovated the ground floor of his house into a gallery for contemporary Syrian art.

Ethics & Aspiration

I would love to safeguard the heritage of Damascus old city which is symbolised in its architecture.

Damascus Old City

I was born in Damascus old city and love its houses and neighbourhoods.
Despite the fact the many of the old city’s resident left it for the modern parts of the city, my father was determined to stay in his old Damascene house. He taught me to love this house which offers peace and comfort both in winter and summer.


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