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Walid Sakka Amini


Walid Sakka Amini

Born in 1949, 

Married with two boys


Finished high school and started working in embroidery since 1966.

Ethics & Aspiration

I aspire to keep this authentic Damascene craft alive for many generations to come.
I hope that the young generation will keep this handicraft going because it represents the history of the country.
I hope that this handicraft is protected by the government and supported by the private sector.

Damascus Old City

Damascus old city is my body and my soul. I cannot stay away from it for more than couple of days.


I enjoy listening to classical music and love to travel.

Favorite Joke or Proverb

Favourite Proverb:
“Don’t feel sorry for whom lost his money but rather for whom saved his money”
"لا تبكي علي اللي راح ماله بل ابكي علي اللي حفظ ماله"


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