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MG Cargo Company

Center Abu Al-Chamat, Al-Harika, Mohammad Musallam Abdin Street, Abu Al-Shamat Center , Damascus, Syria
This company specialises in the field of shipping, and it offers services in air, sea and road freights. MG Cargo can make shipments of any type of goods to all Arab countries, Europe and China. The company’s services also include packaging and custom clearance.


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  • 28/February/2017 - يعطيك العافيه أنا بدي اشحن ملابس من الشام ل المانيا، ياريت تعطيني صورة عن الاسعار

  • 15/October/2016 - بس فيني اعرف قديش بتاخدو عكيلو لتياب من هون لدنمارك