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Pottery and Ceramics

According to archaeological discoveries in northern Syria, handmade pottery and ceramics date back to as early the fifth millennium BC.

This indigenous craft reached world fame during the Fatimid Period when some of the most intricate lusterware ceramic pieces were made in Syria.

These pieces can be still seen today in many museums around the world. During the Mamluk Period, the Qishani ceramics became dominant, but the craft kept evolving in Damascus to a stage where the ceramic work decorating various Damascene monuments was simply referred to as Damascus Tiles.

Works of Damascus Tiles can be seen today in museums as well as in many of the city’s monuments such as Al-Tekiya Al-Suleimaniya, Sinan Pasha Mosque and Darwish Pasha Mosque.


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  • 19/May/2013 - yeah i use these earthenware pots back in syria to cook or even just boil water.. some are made for that kind of heat.. and they make the food and water taste sooooooo good. :) its like u can never go back to cooking in stainless steel once u cook a meal once in earthenware.. its just not the same :)