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Umayyad Palace Restaurant

Al-Qaymariya, Souq Al-Qabaqbiya, Al-Masbagha Al-Khadra Avenue, Damascus, Syria
Umayyad Palace Restaurant is located in Al-Qaymariya area in Damascus Old City. It serves dishes from the Syrian cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to soft drinks. The restaurant opens everyday from 10:00am to 2:00am and it offers free wireless internet connection, traditional shows.


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  • 13/March/2024 - الله يرحمك يا معلمنا ابو مهند

  • 9/June/2021 - الله يرحم مؤسس المطعم سميرالهندي

  • 16/January/2013 - My visit til the Umayyad Palace Restaurant is a memory for life. I've never before experienced this level of hospitality, adventure and inspirational surroundings as the most marvellous setting for a meal I will never forget. If you are going to the Middle East, a stop at this restaurant will be worth the trip to Syria. Even if this is your only experience in the country.