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Tishreen War Memorial

Park Sharqi, Damascus, Syria
This memorial museum is dedicated to the October 1973 War in which the Syrian and Egyptian armies fought off Israeli occupation of their land.

The outstanding paintings depicting the different stages of the war together with a light and sound display give visitors of Tishreen War Memorial a rare insight into that war.
Historical Periods: Contemporary Syria


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  • 21/July/2015 - قمت في احد الايام. بزيارة هذا الصرح وتفاجات بكثير من الامور والصور هناك لدرجة انني لم اقراها بكتاب واتمنئ من الجميع زيارتها لترئ كيف سطر الجيش السوري اعظم انتصارات

  • 11/June/2015 - كتير حلو