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About Damascus, The Oldest Living City

Damacus, The World's Oldest Living City

“Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on Earth and still she lives. She has looked upon the dry bones of a thousand empires, and will see the tombs of a thousand more before she dies. Though another claims the name, old Damascus is by right the Eternal City”

Mark Twain, in his book Innocents Abroad 1869


Only in Damascus would a visitor mistake a church for a mosque or a synagogue for a church. This is the capital of the world, where religions and civilisations have come together to give an example of human unity.

Damascus is the oldest living city in the world;

It is the capital of the Umayyad Empire, the biggest empire the world has ever seen;

It is where Saint Paul the Apostle got converted to and started spreading Christianity to the world;

It is where the head of John the Baptist is enshrined in the city’s main mosque;

It is the city of the “Street Called Straight”;

Damascus is also the capital and resting place of Salah Eddine;

It is the city whose religious harmony defeated the crusaders;

It is the city which many believe will see the return of Jesus Christ;

It is simply,

“Paradise on Earth”

Ibn Jubair, a famous 12th century Andalusian traveller


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