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Promote Your Products

If you are a locally based artisan/business producing traditional Syrian handicrafts or delicacies, then  can help you promote your products.

A dedicate online page containing all relevant information, photos and videos for each product can be readily created and promoted through  web portal.

Examples of such products in the handicraft range could include:
- Syrian textile: such as Brocade, Aghabani and old Damascene clothes
- Wood products: such as wood engraving products, wooden mosaics, mother of pearl marquetry and furniture
- Copper products and chandeliers
- Glass blowing products
- Gold and silver products
- Oriental Rugs
- Stone mosaic products
- Other handicrafts

Similarly, examples of Syrian delicacies could include:  
- Syrian desserts
- Dried fruits
- Oil products
- Other delicacies

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, then please contact us or send us details of your product(s) on the following email address: