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Straight Street

Shaghour Jowani, Damascus, Syria
Straight Street, or “Souq Midhat Pasha” as it is known today, is the biblical “Street Called Straight” which has kept its original path since the Roman Period.

It is the central street of the Old City with a length of around 1500m stretching from Bab Al-Jabiya in the west to Bab Sharqi in the east.

Today, the street is referred to as Souq Midhat Pasha in relation to the huge market which the Ottoman governor of Damascus Midhat Pasha had established in the second half of the 19th century along the path of the original Roman street.

Buried 5m under the current street level, parts of the original Roman Straight Street have been dug up in various excavations.

These remains can be seen today decorating parts of the existing street, particularly towards Bab Sharqi.
Historical Periods: Ottomans, Roman Period


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