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Mount Kaseyoun

Kaseyoun, Damascus, Syria
Overlooking Damascus since its birth, Mount Kaseyoun has a special place in every Damascene’s heart.

The top of the Mountain and the various restaurants there are readily accessible by car.

Every visitor to Damascus should see the Eternal City from the top of Mount Kaseyoun.


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  • 12/June/2015 - من قاسيون ...ترى جمال الله فيما خلق

  • 5/May/2013

  • 27/April/2013 - I agree with Erfan's comment about Kaseyoun being the hand of God protecting Damascus.. So true

  • 26/April/2013 - The Graceful Mountain

  • 5/April/2013 - ...قاسيون يد الله تحمي دمشق