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Historical Facts

Hussein Nazem Pasha

Making History from Damascus

Hussein Nazem Pasha (1854 – 1927) was the most popular Ottoman governor of Damascus.

He was appointed the city governor for three times in the period between 1896 and 1911.

Nazem Pasha loved Damascus and gave it many of its early 20th century monuments, such as the current buildings of Damascus University and the Ministry of Interior.

He even returned during the French Mandate to spend his final days in Damascus, where he died and was laid to rest in Bab Al-Saghir Cemetery.

The Palace of Nazem Pasha

The Palace of Nazem Pasha

Designed by the Spanish architect Fernando de Aranda, the Palace of Nazem Pasha was built on the foothill of Mount Kaseyoun. Nazem Pasha often used Fernando de Aranda to design many of Damascus’s early 20th century monuments. These include the Hejaz Railway Station and other landmark buildings within the campus of Damascus University and around the Marjeh Square. Interestingly enough, the two men chose to spend the rest of their lives in Damascus where they are both laid to rest in Bab Al-Saghir Cemetery.