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Al-Andalus is the name given by the Umayyads to a region in southern Spain where the Umayyad Empire flourished for many centuries, after having been overthrown in Damascus by the Abbasids.

The Arab rule of this region started when the Umayyads conquered Spain under Caliph Al-Waleed I in the early 8th century, and it lasted until the late 15th century when Granada fell to the Catholic Monarchs.

The Castle of Al-Walid I

The Castle of Al-Walid I

The Castle of the Umayyad Caliph Al-Waleed I, under whom Al-Andalus was conquered in 711, is the earliest Umayyad castle ever to be built. It is located at the foothill of Mount Seis, an extinct volcano 100km to the south east of Damascus.