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Historical Facts

The Old City Wall

What Is?

The Old City Wall of Damascus dates back as early as the Aramaean Period.

However, the wall existing today is made up from fortifications that took place during the Roman, Seljuq and Ayyubid Periods.

The length of the wall is about 4500 meters, and it encompasses approximately 105 hectares of Damascus Old City.

The Roman wall remained intact up until the Abbasids Period, when parts of it were destroyed.

Nour Eddine Zengi rebuilt many sections of the wall during the 12th century.

The External Old City Wall

The External Old City Wall

While excavating for a new traffic tunnel, an external section of the Old City Wall was uncovered just outside of Bab Sharqi. This external section is not part of the original Roman wall but rather an additional enforcement that had been built during the Ayyubid Period to defend the city against the Crusaders.